ABC Children's Learning Center

"A Home Away From Home"

Infant's Program Description

Our infant's program sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child.  Infants have a primary caregiver who focuses her attention on meeting basic needs for food, diapering and adequate rest.

Infant's teachers educate and understand early childhood development.  They know that rich verbal interactions with children help them to understand language.  Language is a tool for identifying and expressing infant's needs, ideas, and feelings in later life.  Each of our quality caregivers know that infants need to explore the world through mouthing and touching.  They know the need for proper sanitation measures and follows them consistently and conscientiously.  As the teacher, she views the environment from the child’s eye and creates a cozy, inviting, and stimulating place for children.  She understands that what is made available for children to use depends on who the children are and what their needs are developmentally.  

Infants need to view the world from many angles, and are allowed that experience.  This includes crawling, being carried, stroller rides, outdoor play, climbing, and rocking so that various perspectives are gained.  Diaper changing, feeding, and other routines are viewed as vital times for communication, self discovery, and socializing.  They are encouraged to master feeding themselves despite the messiness that accompanies this activity, while being supportive of infants in their quest for competence. Our teachers look to the parents as the best resource in working with their children. 

Toddler's Program Description

Toddler's teachers understand that children learn with their whole bodies.  They discover their world on a physical level.  It is expected that they will prefer walking, climbing, carrying objects, jumping and dropping objects.  Large muscle activities are the legitimate activity of toddler hood.  Therefore, toddler teachers are prepared to be flexible and spontaneous.  Teachers respect this and allow opportunities for the child to explore and discover along with making proper choices.  They patiently guide children toward controlling their impulses and behaviors.  Teachers offer positively worded directions to avoid getting into power struggles.  They understands that toddlers lack the skill to cope with frustrating situations.  They recognize that routine times are important moments to help children learn about themselves and others.

The classroom includes material for children to engage in drama, art, creative exploration, motor skills, as well as building blocks, music and books.  The teachers create and adapt the environment and activities to meet the children's day to day needs.

Preschooler's Program Description

Preschoolers are usually most responsive to activities in which they are involved in a hands on manner.  Our teachers design their classroom spaces with learning station at which children can freely participate.  Our quality staff rotates and adds materials frequently to maintain and extend the child's interest.  The preschool's curriculum includes activities centering on communication, science, math, social studies, music, art, large and small motor skills development.