ABC Children's Learning Center

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Dual Immersion English and Spanish

For the upcoming school year of 2016, our center will have Dual Immersion program. During the morning, activities will be in Spanish, and in the afternoon circle time and other activities will continue in English. 

What is Spanish Immersion?

Immersion programs use the young children’s capacity of absorbing a foreign language naturally, the same way they learned English.

In a dual immersion program, children are exposed to Spanish in the morning and English in the afternoon. During each time they learn a second language by making it the only language they are exposed to, meaning there won’t be any form translation.

The part of the brain that helps us learn languages naturally develops until adolescence, thus making it easier to learn a new language at a young age.

With our native Spanish speaking teachers, the children will learn how to speak Spanish with a native accent. 


Q. Does a second language interfere with a child’s English ability? 
A. In most cases, learning another language strengthens a child’s English capability. Comparing and using two language systems is helpful to children’s understanding and use of each.
According to research children that have learned a second language earn higher SAT scores.

Q. Will my child have a hard time when introduced to a school program taught in English?
A. No. Studies show that exposure to a second language at an early age, enhances the part of the brain that processes language. Therefore, children are able to understand the intricate nuances of language more quickly than non-bilingual students.